Because I’m involved with a lot of different bands, projects, and just different approaches to music making, I’ve decided to split up my music page into multiple SoundCloud playlists.

In the following playlist you can hear some tracks of the music I make as a jazz pianist — although many of these tracks are from 2011, they contain recordings of solo piano, recordings of my trio, and a duo with Frank Glover (Windows). More music and more recent recordings are coming soon!

In this playlist you can hear some of the music that I make that is not jazz — many of these tracks are of my shoegaze-y electroacoustic band Marauder Octobot, and one track contains some excerpts of some music I wrote and recorded for a short film in 2009:

This page will be consistently updated with details about my various groups and projects; this is just the start!

If you’d like to hear some of my playing, why don’t you visit my Myspace Page, where there are a few additional tracks that haven’t made it here yet.